Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Alphabet Challenge

I was out of town with dial up... so I'm cheating. I'm going to be playing catch up on my challenge....

So...May 2: B is for Beth and Bekah, our two oldest children.

May 3: C is for Coast...where we enjoy going as often as possible.

May 4: D is for the Discovery Home, a total solar house. You can read about it here.

May 5: E is for Eagle. This is a picture I took at Banks Lake of an eagle going to her nest. It was incredible.

May 6: F is for Flowers. This is a rose from my rose garden.

And now.. I'm caught up and back on track.


Mar said...

Very nice!! you were busy catching up

Melli said...

Good job! Your daughters are absolutely beautiful! I love the coast too - I can't WAIT to get there! A week the end of June - and THREE weeks in September! Hooya! That Eagle shot IS amazing! We have "several" bald eagles living near us. When we first moved to this county - 21 years ago - we only had 2. And they were being verrrrrry closely guarded! But NOW we have maybe a dozen! And they are still being verrrrrrry closely guarded!!! It's been GREAT fun to watch the population grow though -- especially since a couple of them live (nest) right down by the river about a mile from my house. So they actually fly over from time to time! Very cool!

Minkydo said...

Nice job! Great pictures. The red on that flower really pops.